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In order to keep Aqua April swim program efficient, rules have been made to ensure that your child will have a clean, safe, and smooth swimming experience. While we do have rules, please know we are kind, loving teachers who want the best swim experience your child.

1. Parents should always have a positive attitude! Children often mirror their parents' moods. Please smile and act encouraging, before and after their classes. This really helps with their self-esteem and self-security.

2. Lessons are purchased in sets of eight and must be paid in full at first lesson.
Late Fee Policy: If payment has not been made by the 5th lesson date, a $10 late fee will be assessed, and your child will be removed from the schedule until the account is made current.  

There will be No Refunds given for any paid Swim Sessions once your swimmer has attended their first class.

3. Registration: There will be a $50 non refundable fee due at the time of registration with Aqua April Swim School.  This can be paid with cash, check or via PayPal (  This fee is to ensure and hold you class time and days on our schedule. And this will be applied towards your Swim Tuition balance.

4. Only 1 Make-Up Class per session is allowed.  Unfortunately, due to months of planning & limited slots, Aqua April is unable to accommodate all rescheduling. Only with prior permission from Aqua April, with some circumstances this can be arranged. Aqua April is not able to refund any missed lessons. However, if your child is very ill, we can reschedule without a fee with a doctor's note.

Missed Class/Make-Up Policy: There must be 30 minutes notice given before a missed class or the makeup will be forfeited.  In each session there is one free makeup class afforded to each swim student.  It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the Office Manager or Instructor to schedule the makeup class.  The makeup class must be done within the same swim session or the makeup will be forfeited.  If multiple classes are missed within a session and you wish to make them up, they will be available at a cost of $15 per makeup class, after the first free one.  A No Show/No Call, for a class or make-up class will also be forfeited.

5. Make-up classes will be given only for classes missed due to weather or instructor canceling the class, at no extra cost.

6. Class Placement: We will place your child based on age and perceived skill level at the time of registration.  If there is a need to move your child to another time slot due to a change in the skill level this will be done at the discretion of April McCarty, business owner.  We will make every attempt to work with your schedule when making these changes.

7. No one is allowed pool side during class! Parents may watch the lesson from the window. If child is distracted, please adhere to the recommendation of the swim instructor and stay to an 'out of eyeshot but within earshot' range. Teachers need to bond with your child. Having their complete and happy attention greatly develops your child’s swimming self-confidence. We want parents and family members to be part of the class, just do not want the child to know while their class is in progress. At the discretion of the Instructor, there will be times, parents will be allowed in the pool house.

8. Goggles are NOT allowed. This is for safety reasons. Your child needs to be very comfortable with water on their face and their eyes. Only in stroke classes are goggles allowed.

9. Please be sure that nannies, grandparents or anyone coming to lessons are aware of all the rules.

10. Parents should disclose if a child has special needs or health issues, not limited to but including ADD, ADHD, autism, coordination issues, and asthma.

11. Girls or boys with long hair must have it tied up in a ponytail or worn in a swim cap to help him/her see.

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