Swim Class Make-Up Policy

Make-Up Lessons

For each 8 class swim session your child attends lessons at Aqua April, you earn one Make-Up Lesson. There is no charge for the Make-Up Lesson. Make-up Lessons can only be booked into classes that have open spots. In order to qualify for your Make-Up Lesson, you the Parent must call or message our Staff, and cancel your class a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. Make-Up Lessons can only be booked up to one week out. We cannot reschedule Make-Up Lessons or offer Make-Up Lessons for missed Make-Up classes. Once you have ceased your enrollment at Aqua April, all Make-Up Lessons not used will be forfeited. Make-Up Lessons must also be used within same Session of the missed class. Please also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific teacher for a Make-up Lesson, although we will try!

Only 1 Make-Up Class per session is allowed.  Unfortunately, due to months of planning & limited slots, Aqua April is unable to accommodate all rescheduling. Only with prior permission from Aqua April, with some circumstances this can be arranged. Aqua April is not able to refund any missed lessons. However, if your child is very ill, we can reschedule without a fee with a doctor's note.

Missed Class/Make-Up Policy: There must be 30 minutes notice given before a missed class or the makeup will be forfeited.  In each session there is one free makeup class afforded to each swim student.  It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the Office Manager or Instructor to schedule the makeup class.  The makeup class must be done within the same swim session or the makeup will be forfeited.  If multiple classes are missed within a session and you wish to make them up, they will be available at a cost of $15 per makeup class, after the first free one.  A No Show/No Call, for a class or make-up class will also be forfeited.


Parents are responsible for scheduling their swimmer(s)

Make-Up Class with the Instructor!


To make the process more efficient we request that you contact Coach April or Office Manager so that she can assist you in scheduling your make-up class!


We also offer make-up lessons in the event that the class is cancelled due to extreme inclement weather or other situations out of our control. Refunds and credits will not be given in these situations. If a class is cancelled after 20 minutes of class instruction, a make-up will not be offered. Again, all make-up lessons, including Make-up Lessons, not used prior to ending enrollment will be forfeited.

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