diaper policy

!Poop Happens!
And unfortunately, sometimes it happens in swimming pools,and it can close the pool.
We have had some very unhappy little swimmers, frustrated teachers and parents
who have rushed to get here only to have to go back home.
Prevention is BETTER for all of us.
- Every child age 3 and under and those NOT COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED
swim diaper or rubber pants over their disposable swim diapers.
-According to the CDC no swim diaper holds fecal material beyond 3-5 minutes.
By double diapering we hope to get the full 5 minutes.
-Please make sure your child visits the bathroom before the lesson starts, even if they went at home.
-If you observe your child doing the “potty dance”, please come into the pool area, take your child out
of class and to the bathroom. Some children are reluctant to tell the teacher if they have to go.
-If your child is not feeling well -has cramps, diarrhea, “sick tummy”,
do not come to class. We have many make -up days.
We would rather reschedule one child than disappoint 200.
Your Family will be fined:
* $25.00 first time accident in the pool.
** $50.00 second time accident in the pool.
*** $100.00 third time accident in the pool.
These fines must be paid in full by their next class to be able to participate!
Compassionately understand that many parents drive long distances
and go through enormous effort to get to our classes on time.
We do not want to disappoint anyone for a problem that can be prevented.

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