learn to swim in very few lessons

Welcome to the wonderful world of Aqua April "the school of swimming",

where babies as young as 18 months and up, children, and adults

learn to swim in a creative, nurturing, and gentle environment!


At Aqua April, we offer small class sizes!! They are group classes with only up to 3 students in a class. Your swimmer will receive lots of attention and instruction from their Coach, with very little down time waiting for their turn. "Everyone Swims- Everyone Wins".

New swimmers begin the process by learning a special routine that involves body position, kicking, breath control, long arm strokes (under and above water) and floating to name a few of the skills taught, for students to demonstrate the readiness to swim independently, with water safety skills, like jumping in and floating and/or turning finding the wall and climbing back out. Children will be fully submerged during their first class, to help with any fear they may have, to be able to move forward in the swim skills. Skills are built in layers within a structured, step-by-step carefully designed curriculum that helps children thrive and feel safe in the water. Throwing children in immediately and creating scary experiences are not part of Aqua April's philosophy.

All teachers stay physically close to children in the water, never leaving their side. Every child has a different personality and we do whatever it takes to get them swimming. While I love swimming with children, I do not believe in dragging out lessons at the expense of parents. The 8 class session is designed to help children get the continuity needed to retain swimming skills. Once a week swimming lessons for new swimmers are not part of Aqua April's philosophy, but will offer this to help kids get swimming along in assisting with their families needs. However, children should take bi- weekly formal lessons year round to reinforce and further develop water safety skills and confidence. If young students/new swimmers do not practice year round, they may regress. It is up to parents to ensure their child's swimming education continues. In addition to maintenance lessons, I also encourage parents to swim with their children year round when possible. Practice makes perfect!

My goal is to not only get children to love the water, but to also have students swimming in a short time while they learn water safety skills. Aqua April has an excellent success rate in achieving these goals all within a heated, indoor, in-ground, saline pool.

 Always Small Class Sizes - Up to 3 Swimmers in a Class!!

Our Pre-Swim Team Classes are Year-Round!

 * All teachers are trained using Aqua April's techniques created by Coach April

* Swimming lessons are year-round. * Lifeguards for parties also available.

* Pre-competitive Swim Team/Swim Clinic for kids, teens, adults and tri-athletes.

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Where "Super Star Swimmers" are Created!!!

431 Columbia Memorial Pkwy, League City   CALL 832.226.2344 or 585.687.7573

The School

Extraordinary Swim Lessons!

Small Classes!

Instant Advancement!


Class Hours/Days

M-TH 9pm-12pm/3pm-8pm

FRIDAY 3pm-6pm

Sat & Sun CLOSED


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