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In order to keep Aqua April swim program efficient, rules have been made to ensure that your child will have a clean, safe, and smooth swimming experience. While we do have rules, please know we are kind, loving teachers who want the best swim experience your child.

-When should my child start with swim lessons?

We encourage you to come to Aqua April and introduce your child to the water environment as early as 18 months old. Water exercises help your child in developing body orientation, gross and fine muscle coordination, cognition, language, visual tracking skills and visual perceptual skills. We work with you together to get your child water wise and to learn life saving skills as a baby in preparation of learning how to swim independently. Aqua April also offers entry levels for kids from age 2 to 12. So don’t hesitate and give us a call now!

-Is there a registration fee?

Your first payment at sign-up will also include an annual registration fee. The annual registration fee is $35 per child. The fee is due every year on the anniversary date of your first registration at Aqua April.

-How long does my child attend lessons?

Our focus is that your child learns all the skills necessary to become a proficient swimmer, with a strong understanding of water safety. In order to accomplish this goal we would like to see your child continue for a minimum of 2-3 Swim Sessions. Children learn by reputation, the more Swim Sessions, the more confident swimmer they become. However, if you choose to withdraw, you simply let our Office Manger know.

-How much do lessons cost per month?

Lessons are $200.oo per month for the first child. This is based on two, thirty minute, semi-private group lessons per week.

Pre-Swim Team is $300.oo per month per child. This is based on two, sixty minute, group lessons per week.

There is a $50.oo per month discounted rate for the second child, and $50.00 per month discounted rate for the third child. *(swim lessons only)

Late Fee Policy: If payment has not been made by the 5th lesson date, a $10 late fee will be assessed, and your child will be removed from the schedule until the account is made current.  

There will be No Refunds given for any paid Swim Sessions once your swimmer has attended their first class.

-Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private lessons. Please call our Office Manager for pricing and availability.

-How many students are in each class?

Our classes have two - three students per instructor, however, we do have a few exceptions. Our Pre-Swim Team has six students per instructor.

-How do I pay for lessons?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards as forms of payments. Checks payable to "Above the Bar" please.

We now also accept payments through PayPal - paypal.me/amccarty1398

Tuition must be paid in full by the time of the first class. You may go to the Above the Bar main office anytime to pay the tuition and registration fee if needed. Credit Cards must be paid at Above the Bar, but, check or cash can be paid in the Pool House at your first day of class.

 -When can I sign up for lessons?

You can sign up for lessons anytime! We are Swim Session based, so if you start in the middle of a session, we will prorate your tuition.

-How do I know which level to enroll my child in?

Coach April and/or Sarah will ask you questions to help determine your child's level at time of signing up for Aqua April.

-Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lessons?

For each 8 class swim session your child attends lessons at Aqua April, you earn one Make-Up Lesson. There is no charge for the Make-Up Lesson. Make-up Lessons can only be booked into classes that have open spots. In order to qualify for your Make-Up Lesson, you the Parent must call or message the Office Manager (NOT Coach April), at 585.687.7573 and cancel your class a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the start of your class. Make-Up Lessons can only be booked up to one week out. We cannot reschedule Make-Up Lessons or offer Make-Up Lessons for missed Make-Up classes. Once you have ceased your enrollment at Aqua April, all Make-Up Lessons not used will be forfeited. Make-Up Lessons must also be used within same Session of the missed class. Make-up classes will be given only for classes missed due to weather or instructor canceling the class, at no extra cost.

For more info go to:   make up policy

-Absences from classes?

Students who miss three classes consecutively, without informing Aqua April of the absences, will be dropped from their class.

-Do you offer refunds or credits?

NO, we do not! Due to our operational costs, we cannot offer refunds, credits, or transfers at Aqua April.

-Do you require swim diapers?

If you are a student at our school and your child is not potty train he / she needs to wear a disposable swim diaper and a reusable swim diaper.

For more info go to:   diaper policy

-May I speak with my child's instructor before or after class?

Absolutely! You may speak briefly with his/her instructor before or after your child's class, but please keep these interactions short to avoid class delays, or disturbing lessons. Detailed questions and communication can be forwarded personally to your child's instructor to 832-226-2344.

-What is the temperature of the water in the pool?

The water is always kept at 90 degrees for the comfort of your child.

-Are goggles permitted?

Goggles are NOT allowed. This is for safety reasons. Your child needs to be very comfortable with water on their face and their eyes. Only in stroke classes are goggles allowed.

-What about longer hair?

Girls or boys with long hair must have it tied up in a ponytail or worn in a swim cap to help him/her see.

-Do you need to know about any special needs??

Parents should disclose if a child has special needs or health issues, not limited to but including ADD, ADHD, autism, coordination issues, sensory issues and asthma.

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