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My story is a simple one. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. My backyard was on the water, the canals and river of Idle Hour, the Great South Bay and of course the Atlantic Ocean. I spent my Summers on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day with my entire family. The Atlantic Ocean is where I learned to swim as a baby/toddler, was a necessity since we lived on the water. Besides the beach life, Swim Team was also a huge part of my growing up years, from Kindergarten to a Senior in High School, first with AAU Club Swimming, then on a State ranked High School Team for 4 years. I also earned my first Red Cross Lifeguard certificate when I was 15, and my card is still current today. My family has water running through our veins.

After graduating High School, I moved into NYC and attended "Parsons School of Design" (yes, where Project Runway is filmed), and studied Communication Design, specializing in Editorial and Corporate Design. My time was spent in publishing, first with newspapers, then into magazines. Not much swimming during my time living in NYC, when in school and when working in my career. Still went to the beach on weekends though, either out to Long Island or down to the Jersey Shore, this girl still needed her water and ocean time.

Then after have living in New York for 33 years, and 3 children later, I found myself living here in Texas. I have been here since 1997. This is where my swimming career took on a new life in 2000.

Here is my Swimming Resume since being in Texas:

- Swim Instructor at Summers Swim Academy

- Developmental Coach with Space City Aquatics - USA Swim Team

- Aquatics Director for Texas Swim World

- Head Coach for Dickinson Gators - Summer League Swim Team

- Aquatics Director for AcroSports

- Age Group Coach with The Sharks - USA Swim Team

- Aquatics Director for the National Council of Boy Scouts

- Owner and Instructor with Aqua April Mobile Swim Program

- Owner and Instructor with Aqua April "The School of Swimming"

 Here are my Certifications:

American Safety & Health Instiute (ASHI)

- First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, AED, Oxygen and CPR Red Cross

- Lifeguard, First Aid, Blood Pathogens, AED, Oxygen, CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches Challenge


- Lifeguard, Principles of Competitive Swimming & Diving and Swim Lessons Instructor

 Boy Scouts of America

- Aquatics Director, Aquatics Instructor, Lifeguard, Swim Lessons Instructor and Canoeing & Row Boat Instructor

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